Exciting. Have successfully moved into a next phase of life. Lots of challenges, responsibilities and excitment awaits. 🙂


 Just some miscellaneous pictures to detail the construction progres.

Blk 7: Foundations just in place

Blk 9

Blk 8: slower than blk 7


Blk 9: In the most advanced stages of construction


Some of you may know that i have recently signed the next 30 years of my life away. Just a sneak peek at the latest big ticket item.

Kitchen balcony

room bath room

Taken off the brochures:

Artist’s Impressions


The city view, they claim you would get.





woo hoo, it’s been more than five months since i paid any scant attention to this blog.

Anyway, haven’t had the time – and the technological knowhow – to track if anyone is still reading this.

First of all, let me declare – i am not dead yet. My life has taken quite a whirlwind change for the better as compared to perhaps two years ago – and i am on my way to make a mega half million investment in perhaps a matter of weeks.

Cryptic yes, and i have to agree it’s hellava gamble, but hopefully everything works out. Will give more updates, when more details are firmed up. It will be something that i will be more than happy to blog about!


I am a ESTP! Do the test here

ESTP – The “Persuader”

ESTPs are action-loving, “here and now” realists with excellent people skills. Informal, risk-taking, fast-paced and adaptable, they are not always in agreeance with rules and regulations. They are tactical problem solvers that desire quick results. ESTPs, who present a friendly and enthusiastic face, are straightshooters that are able to handle criticism.


…since i last updated this space. You may think i disappeared.

NOOOOOO, despite being plagued by work, more work, stress, bitches, idiots and all, i am still going strong.

Ok, this is such a bo liao post.


Still alive


It’s been such a long while since I last logged on to wordpress that i nearly forgot my password. Blogging seems to have taken a back seat since the day wordpress got blocked on my firewall.

In any case, i am alive and kicking – nothing have changed, and in due time, with my tender experience of 9 months,  i will be the most experienced staff in my entire department. Exciting isn’t it?

By the way, in case you are desperately looking for a job in PR, and is especially good at playing politics and fighting fire, do drop me an email. I am desperately looking for colleagues.